For first-time guests invited to a conversation
  • Watch the Application Tutorial Video
  • 1
    Download the RINGR application
    Download on Apple App Store Get it on Google Play
    Make sure you have Google Chrome or Firefox available
    Google Chrome Firefox
    (If using a browser, skip ahead to step 3)
  • 2
    Turn on Do Not Disturb

    Activating the DO NOT DISTURB feature on your phone will keep your RINGR conversation going even if someone tries to call you in the middle of it.

    Be sure that your device is set to always silence calls and to allow calls from no one. Using the default settings will not protect against interruptions and could interfere with the RINGR call.

  • 3
    At your scheduled call time

    Tap the invite code emailed to you. (It’s a five digit, alpha-numeric code in bright orange near the center of the email.) This will take you directly to your conversation within RINGR. You will not need to sign up for an account.

  • 4
    Choose the desktop app or FREE mobile app

    If you have the RINGR Mobile app installed on your device, it will automatically try and launch the app.

    Accept the disclaimer by clicking “confirm”.

  • 5
    As soon as the host arrives

    You will see a 3-2-1 countdown, and then the recording will begin.

  • 6
    When the conversation is over

    DO NOT CLOSE OR BACKGROUND THE APP until the upload has completed. Depending on the length of your call, this could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or longer.

    Compressing audio in the browser-based desktop application can take a while.
    Be patient. The results are worth it.
  • 7
    Once your upload is complete

    You are free to close RINGR. The host will receive a notification when the audio is ready to download.

    Do not delete the mobile application until the host has confirmed everything has been transferred completely.

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